Customs clearance


Our many years of experience in the logistics will support you in the customs clearance of your import and export shipments. 

With us your Road Freight, Sea freight and Air freight are in the best hands. You will receive from one hand the export Clearance as well as the takeover of your goods in your Warehouse.

Through a strong network of partners and agents, we are able to transport your shipments efficiently, quickly and securely worldwide. In the receiving country, our agents take over the customs clearance and deliver the goods directly to your customers warehouse.


Truck Transport to and from, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Greece, Iran, Turkey ...etc

Heavy,- and oversized Transport

 Custom Clearance

Our many years of experience in the Logistics, will support you with all your custom clearance issues, whether for your import or your export shipments.


Heavy and oversized loads

Logy Logistics offers you a wide range of services for heavy loads.



Logy Logistics will escort your company in the field of logistics and brings with it many years of experience in the industry.